A Green Party

If you ask Miles what his favorite color is he will tell you with certainty: GREEN!

He had been talking about having a green party almost every day for a couple months (I was surprised/relieved he didn't ask for a Thomas the Train party or a Dinosaur Train or Elmo party).

It's so fun now that Miles is old enough to help make his own party invitations. We gathered all our green art supplies -- tape, crayons, felt, stickers and stamps -- and Miles went to town on some leftover green paper. Miles asked our family friends to come to the party wearing green!

It turns out most of Miles's favorite foods are green. We had green smoothies, salad, honeydew and grapes, green pasta with pesto and peas, guacamole. I didn't take any photos other than this one of some of our leftovers the next day. I'm usually skeptical of recipes found on Pinterest, but these green muffins were a hit with the kids. No food coloring -- the muffins get their bright green color from a bag of spinach blended up with milk and banana.

I made an ice cream cake layered with mint chip, frozen pound cake and chocolate wafers with gummy dinosaurs on top.

The kids made their own green beaded bracelets, decorated green crowns and went home with little bags of dinosaur toys and stamps and crayons.

Miles had a blast, he wore his crown everyday for the next week.


Carroll Kolasa said...

Oh my this looks so cute! very creative party idea especially because I love green! Thanks for sharing.


This is quite possibly the sweetest, best birthday party! Happy 3rd birthday, Miles!!

Coco Cake Land said...

Hehe! Erin this is so adorable, and such a great example of a nice, simple theme - Miles is such a lucky little guy. Love that all-green Thomas drawing, too - cute to add one of his faves in there but in your own style!

connie said...

emma still plays with her little dinosaurs. carries them with her around the house - thanks!