A Cereal & Donuts Bridal Shower

I threw a party for a dear friend who is getting married later this month. She loves donuts, sweets and is a cereal expert -- she writes a cereal column for the food site, Serious Eats (it's such a fun read, you have to check it out!). So naturally, we had to have a cereal buffet (inspired by the one at Gramercy Terrace!), a dozen donuts from Doughnut Plant, and her favorite treats.

I sent out this Sprinkles invitation, and instead of buying lots of balloons and decorations, I bought a single giant donut pool float. It was fun seeing friends take goofy photos with it throughout the party. Friends all chipped in -- one friend brought beautiful flowers, I asked another friend to make colorful cereal treats, and some others to bring green tea and strawberry Pocky sticks for me to arrange on the table.

The bride and groom have little inside jokes and sayings for each other, and my friend's fiancee compared her to some of her favorite treats. I made these quick sketches on some construction paper I had at home and taped them to the wall.

Candy-colored straws (with a line from a silly song about cereal) and colorful cups (from Joy's awesome new party collection at Target!)

We made bags of sweet and salty cereal mix (pretzels, peanut butter candies, candied sunflower seeds, sprinkles, Kix, and homemade Chex Mix) for everyone to take home.

So much love for my sweet friend and bride-to-be.

(Some more photos on Pinterest & Instagram)


Aslan Saputra said...

Hi, i like your design! I found your blog from blogspot newsfeed. Maybe Rightnow i will follow your blog!

Nice to meet you :D

Andrea said...

Love this!! Super cute idea!

Sarah Beth said...

Such a great party! I love cereal, so I would love a party like this. Also, so good to use the Sesame Street song. It's one of my favorites!

Christine Moningka said...

Cocoa Pebbles are yabba dabba delicious and awesome to admire! LOVE this post!

scoop of sugar said...

OMG I am OBSESSED WITH THIS!! Can I ask, how did you hang the ribbon back drop?! I'm trying to do something similar for my best friends shower and can't figure out what to hang it from..Thanks so much !

Fariha Wajid said...

Hi there!

Such a well decorated, beautiful party!

I recently did a quick post on some of my favorite blogs and your blog is included in the list. I hope that's alright with you! I just wanted to share your blog, because I think it's wonderful! Keep up the great work!

- Fariha

Coco Cake Land said...

ahhhh what a perfect shower! so sweetly crafted and oriented towards the bride... adorable! (i am cereal obsessed too... clearly i need to read her column!)

Linda K. said...

You are so talented and your party ideas are sooooo creative and fun! I get so many great ideas from your posts. Thank you for sharing!

D Biswas said...

Wow, thse photos make me want to get married again, lol

Damyanti, My Latest post

Chris Harmen said...

I have never heard of something like this before and it is truly amazing. I loved the whole preparation of your bridal shower party for your friend. Truly amazing!

Rosie Highton said...

This is so so cute! Love it!

Slamet Riyadi said...

well decorated and interesting party, love this post ..