Paris Wedding: Welcome Bag & Letter

Custom totes and welcome letters I designed for this Paris wedding.

The couple wanted to do a cheeky play on those awful tourist t-shirts on the front of the bag -- "I went all the way to Paris, and all I got was this tote bag" (an inside joke among their friends) -- and on the back, an illustrated guide to some favorite French food items.

And a welcome letter for the wedding guests with helpful tourist information, like a metro guide, important phone numbers, useful French phrases for the wedding weekend and a map of the couple's favorite places in Paris.

View the invitation suite here.


Noor said...

These kinds of totes are perfect when you travel and they sure look pretty as well.

Joanna Goddard said...

so beautiful, erin!

little t said...

I remember those invites... everything is so perfect... It would be really really cool to be going to this wedding.

Ana said...

Lovely work! So clear and chic! So original.

Ana said...

Lovely work! So clear and chic. So Beautiful!