NEW WORK: Wired illustration

Illustration in Wired magazine (February 2013) for the Decode section. Paper collages depicting famous love triangles. Can you guess all five?


Josephine Leung said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm enough of a pop-culture junkie to give it a try:
1. Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, and his mistress
2. The Clintons and Monica Lewinsky
3. Woody, Mia, and Soon-yi
4. Brad, Angelina, and Jennifer
5. Charles, Diana, and Camilla

brialynne said...

Oh! I was looking at those earlier this week and thinking about how much they looked like your work! Shoulda known. :)

Andrew Bogard said...

Congrats on getting in that magazine!

I saw your posts about your prints and i was wondering if you have ever considered or heard about Society 6. It's a online site where you can sell products like yours (i think). (I don't know if it is easy to get on it or if your work gets paid for.) Check it out! I look on it a lot.

Again, good job! Your work is AWESOME!