Kinfolk, Vol. 5

There is an essay in the new issue of Kinfolk magazine called "What We Carry in Common." My sister, Won McIntosh, wrote a beautiful and poignant piece about motherhood, being sisters, and being aunts. It speaks about our relationship with each other, and with our boys. She is such a gifted writer, but also incredibly humble. So it makes me unspeakably happy to know others will have the opportunity to read her work.

Read more of Won's writing here, on her site. (Dear book publisher / agent, someone needs to give her a book deal; her writing is a treasure). This piece about the shoot is especially wonderful.

Alice Gao, did such a great job with the photographs for the story. (I'm sure it wasn't the easiest shoot -- kids close to meltdowns, tiny hands grabbing for mugs of very hot coffee and my Miles looking like a hot mess and getting an allergic reaction on his face to some pastry his cousin fed him halfway through the shoot. But she was a pro.) See more of her beautiful work here and outtakes from the shoot on her blog. The black and white shot she took above is my favorite.

(Top photo by me. Bottom b/w photo by Alice Gao).

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sunsfromsanfrancisco said...

I love Won's writing! And I'm not related so I thought an unbiased opinion would solidify your plea to publishers. :)