NEW WORK: Real Simple Family Issue

Real Simple publishes a special annual Family issue every September. It was such a treat to contribute to the design of this year's issue. It's a fun and useful magazine, especially for a rookie mom like me.

I designed some stories. And even doodled on some photos.

And worked with some of my favorite illustrators.

Like Andy Miller, who I immediately thought of when I was given this story on stains. I thought it'd be fun to give pee, poo, and puke some personality (and charm). And let Andy's characters creep into the photographs too. Read more about the art-direction process and our working together on Andy's fantastic blog here.

And it was fun to work with Charlotte Trounce! Her whimsical drawings were perfect for a feature on how to make better bedtime stories for children. An illustrated chart takes up the entire second spread and teaches the five components to a good story (complete with wacky and fun examples of characters, setting and plot twists). Check out that ham forest Charlotte drew. And I love the two cats shooting the breeze.

( REAL SIMPLE Special Family Issue / September 2012 / Creative Director: Janet Froelich, Art Director: Abbey Kuster-Prokell )


yumi said...

Wonderful work Erin, as always! Who knew pee & poo could look so cute ;)

Denise Bastos said...