Anthology Magazine: A Favorite Scene

I was interviewed for a short feature in the current issue of Anthology Magazine; seven creatives were asked to share a scene or a film that inspired them.

I talked about this strange but brilliant scene in one of the vignettes in Akira Kurosawa's film, Dreams. My favorite part only lasts a minute or so, and it is when this student runs inside Van Gogh's paintings, looking for the artist himself. There are no words. Just this man weaving in and out of Van Gogh's brushstrokes. Here are a few screen grabs from the scene. It's worth watching here (but I really only like the chase scene which starts 0:38 seconds in...). The collage effect is so inspiring.

You can read more about this scene and entries from the other creatives interviewed in Issue 8. If you haven't seen an issue of Anthology yet, it's worth picking up a copy. It's easily one of my favorite new magazines, one that I actually read cover to cover.

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