I created this set of limited edition screenprints -- "Bacon & Eggs" -- for the Primaries exhibition, a curated art show at Yes Gallery. They invited a small number of artists and illustrators to create work using only primary colors.

This set was created in the spirit of my FOOD-SKETCHES. I will be selling my limited edition screenprints (sold as a set) in my shop soon!

Here are some favorite pieces from other artists who participated in the show. I love seeing what people created within the given color palette.

Jay Cover

Olimpia Zagnoli

Will Bryant

Andrew Neyer

Marcus Oakley

See all the pieces from the show here (and some are still available for purchase, including mine!)

Please note: I am only selling my prints as a set on my site, but you can buy each print separately on the Yes Gallery site, here.

(Images courtesy of Yes Gallery)


Anonymous said...

I love this! I like how you created texture and how that created a different shade of the primary colors.

Miss B. said...

Very, very creative! Love the punch of yellow and bacon never looked so lovely:)