NEW FOOD SKETCHES: Dishes from WD-50

Cold Fried Chicken and Peekytoe Crab Roll -- dishes from WD-50, an inventive molecular gastronomy restaurant in the Lower East Side. Very recently, the chef, Wylie Dufresne, decided to completely revamp his menu and create all new dishes; so these illustrations are of dishes that are from his original classic menu. Read more here, and view this slideshow of some of his new dishes here. The Peas 'n' Carrots dish is brilliant.


Esther Cotton said...

Wow! Who knew food sketches could be so enticing? I'm hungry now! Lol.

- Esther

thelittlealli said...

I just started following you and I love this project concept! So excited for future ones, and have loved looking at all the past entries.