IN THE SHOP: A to Z Poster

I love children's wall art.

I wanted to create a modern take on the alphabet poster -- something non gender specific (a good gift for parents who are waiting to find out whether they are having a boy or girl), something tasteful enough be hung up in a home even if you don't have a kid.

Each illustration represents an object that begins with the letter of the alphabet, from A to Z. It turns out that it makes a fun game, too -- my friends like to point to an icon and have their child say what it is. Kind of like a flash card poster.

The poster is sized at 18x24" (fits in a standard poster frame like this or this). A four-color screenprint on 100# Starch White Speckletone recycled paper, lovingly printed by the talented folks at Mama's Sauce. First edition of 175 prints. Each print is numbered. Posters are packaged in a kraft tube with a designed label (ready to give as a gift!), then shipped inside a larger mailing tube.

Purchase in the shop here, limited quantity left. Also available in the store, Fifteen Eleven.

(Featured on Oh Joy! and in Dutch magazine, Viva Mama)

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spokenfor said...

when i first saw this i was like... wait a sec ... i've seen this before. and then i was like. oh wait... i was hanging out in dylan's room today... and it all makes sense:). i was so sad to miss you guys when you came to visit! hope all is well :).