A day at Dia

I'm quickly approaching my due date this week, and the doctor says the baby could come any day now. But I really wanted to take one last day trip out of Manhattan before he arrives. So my husband and I rode the train up to Beacon on Saturday. We went to the Dia on what felt like the perfect fall day. I love it there, and cannot wait to go back -- next time, with our little one with us.


Anonymous said...

Dia seems like a cool places! Best wishes on the new adventures to come!

Joanna Goddard said...

that looks amazing! and i'm so excited for you!!!!

Hijiri said...

Hi Erin!

I think you might have already had your baby -- congratulations!! I hope everything has been so amazing.

My due is coming up in a week, too! eek!

Domestica said...

A little late to this post, but had to sat The Dia mite be the best place to go right before you welcome a new family person. Congrats!