National Stationery Show

I got to drop by the Stationery Show yesterday, and had a fun time meeting new designers and reconnecting with old friends. Some highlights:

Lovely, simple, graphic prints from Banquet. I liked how clean and minimal her booth looked.

It was wonderful to meet Jill Bliss from Portland. Her detailed style is distinct and unique in the sea of work that felt really similar at the show. I liked her bold color palette, and the personal stories behind her creations. My favorite print had illustrations of plants that she grew in her garden and ate.

Lovely to meet Hijiri, the designer behind these fun alphabet cards from Heartfish Press. She was displaying her cards with the Ladies of Letterpress.

I would love to buy one of these blue hand-carved wooden birds from Urubbu to add to my collection of indigo buntings. An artist in Brazil creates each of these birds by hand using reclaimed wood.

Morse code cards from Yellow Owl Workshop.

I had a good time meeting the ladies behind Fomato and Carolyn Suzuki in their shared booth. Really, really nice ladies, and fun cards.

It was refreshing to see such detailed, hand-painted work from Dear Hancock.

I was happy to finally meet Cyd, Harold and the folks at Bella Figura (who are so nice!) in person, and see my designs in their display. And it was wonderful to meet and talk with the talented ladies behind Austin Press, Gold Teeth, Fig. 2 Design, and Ink & Wit.


Anonymous said...

These were some of my favorites too - especially Caroyln Suzuki!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - said...

I know, she was so nice; I loved her Wild Things card.

Dear said...

Thank you Erin it was great to meet you and we loved your work over at Bella Figura!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - said...

Wonderful meeting you both too! It was nice to see such detailed and beautiful work. Hope you had a good time in NYC!

Hijiri said...

Hi Erin!!! It was SO lovely meeting you!! Thank you so much for not only stopping by, but also featuring my cards on your awesome blog!!! I am so flattered, thank you so much :)

((I didn't realize that it was you until after you left -- looking at your business card, I was like "OHH MY GOD! It was the Erin!!! I've been a great fan of your work!!!))