J's party favors

My nephew, J, turned 4 this month. He is the sweetest little man. My sister always comes up with the most creative birthday parties, and she threw him a "Sid the Science Kid" themed party at the science museum. I made these favors for him and his friends.

Each kid got a mini notebook (these are the perfect little size and are from MUJI) with their name on it, and a pen / a bunch of crayons (for them to jot down their scientific observations!).

They each got some bug stickers, a ladybug windup toy, some M&Ms, and a magnifying glass. I slipped in a card with a tiny secret message on it for them to read with their new magnifying glasses.

J and his friends are the coolest kids in Jackson Heights.


Joy said...

That is adorable. I love the Give away.

manusa said...

great ideas! ;)

manusa said...

great ideas! ;)

Paul & Paula said...

great give away! great pictures!

love from amsterdam

yellowinter said...

J sisters are soooo amazing and talented!

marta said...

seriously adorable. my little one loves sid the science kid.. and you've made it so chic and fun. lovely.

Culpeper General said...

Where are those magnifying glasses from? looking for a spy party. so so cute!

thanks! shannon