My last TOC pages

I changed jobs in April, and have been meaning to post some of the things I worked on at Esquire before I left. Here are the last table of contents designs I created.

May 2010:
I went back to doing a photo collage for this one. Paris Hilton + Carol Bartz + Lady Gaga + Padma Lakshmi + some photos of real women = a strange resemblance to one of the judges from The Next Food Network Star!

April 2010:
I thought it'd be fun to transform the photos into paper fortune tellers.


caroline duke said...

these are always my favorite things to look at when flipping through my bf's esquire. they're always always always amazing.

thanks for that! i will miss seeing them though!

sixfive said...

Martha Stewart is lucky to have you, congrats!

wonathome said...

so cool. p. 10 kind of looks like a young de niro. :)

dulci said...

These are so cool! Great concepts :)


Heather Grace said...

I've always loved these! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing!

Nar8iv said...

All the best on the new job.
I have been following your blog for a 2 months now and I love your work.

I hope that the change in scenery allows you to post up many more of your great peices.


PEACHES said...

Just stumbled in through a link on 100 Layer cake..."Wow" on all counts!

Love this fractal stuff. Very provocative, not to mention gorgeous. Sort of reminds me of Chuck Close. But different. And better. Well done!