My designs at Bella Figura

Bella Figura just launched their 2010 wedding invitation collection, and I'm happy to announce that I am one of their new designers (along with other wonderful designers whose work I admire: Jessica Hische, Ellie Snow, and Kamal Patel to name a few).

I've designed three wedding invitation suites for Bella Figura: Meadow, Ribbon, and Jack and Jill.

(This photo is really over-saturated and contrasty, so the color is not accurate; the orange is a much lighter hue).

Bella Figura is a wonderful eco-friendly letterpress company, specializing in customizable invitations, and they are so nice to work with. You can go to their website, purchase one of my designs, and choose your own colors if you'd like. Someone at Bella Figura works with you on the wording for your invitations, and they letterpress everything. Their letterpress work is superb and precise, and the cotton paper they print on has such a beautiful texture to it. I hope you'll enjoy my invitations and consider using my designs for your upcoming wedding! Click here to see the complete gallery of all the other lovely Bella Figura designs available.

You can also purchase a sample pack of 5 favorite designs of different wedding industry trendsetters (for example, see here) for $20 and Bella Figura donates 100% of the cost to The Conservation Fund (I love that they do this).

(And a thank-you to Cup of Jo, Oh So Beautiful Paper and Mint for such nice posts that included my designs!)

All photos courtesy of Bella Figura, view the flickr set here.


sk said...

Really, really lovely! I just want to touch them.

lianne h. said...

congrats, erin!!

Charissa - The Gifted Blog said...

Omg, the ribbon one. Definitely my favorite.

Grace said...

Erin, LOOOOOVE these. I heart your style. Much affection from Chi-town!