Margaret and Brian invitations

Margaret and Brian are getting married at the Madonna Della Strada chapel in Chicago. There is a beautiful circle motif on the exterior of the church that looks like this:

(photo from this flickr page)

I made a gatefold invitation, and the outside part of the card reflects the church's circular design:

It opens up,

and inside, the illustration evokes the reception space. Margaret and Brian chose to celebrate at Salvage One, a unique venue. It's a warehouse with vintage chandeliers and mid-century modern furniture. Margaret took photos of her favorite chandeliers for me to illustrate.

Paper bands with the wedding date wrapped around the gatefold cards.

And the custom envelope labels brought the whole design together.

See more photos here.


phoenix said...

These are gorgeous! Is it wrong that I want to get married so I can have fantastic wedding invites too?

Anonymous said...

so awesome! I love it all!!!!!!!

MaeMae Paperie said...

your work is GENIUS!! huge fan. can't wait to see what you do next :)

hannah b. said...

Too gorgeous! Can I ask what typefaces you used?

Julie said...

This is awesome-there was so much thought that went into these invites-that always means so much more. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

That is stunning. THE most beautiful wedding invitation I've ever seen. literally. wow.

i love the color scheme and especially love the inside illustrations.

Truly Smitten said...

amazing amazing designs!

Alaska Purl said...

Gorgeous invites. I wish I could touch that paper. Do you mind if I ask what kind of paper this is, and where these were printed? I'm also curious about the typefaces. I'm in awe. As usual.