Sneak peek: Ben and Marci Invitations

I'm so excited about an invitation set I've been working on for Ben and Marci, one of the nicest and coolest couples I've worked with. They live in Brooklyn and are getting married in New York this fall. I will share more photos later when all the pieces are completed, but here is a sneak peek of the letterpress portion for now. The photos here are press check images from Studio on Fire, the printer I used. They do an incredible printing job and were lovely to work with.

All images courtesy of Studio on Fire. Click here for their blog.


Anonymous said...

Love your range! I love your whimsy and I love this sneak peek which is more traditional. And I am a sucker for letterpress :)

Quirine said...

Hello Erin,

I love your work, it is so well thought and balanced. Wow. Great to get inspired!

I have started a new business, and I am using Buttermilk font as my logo. This is quite similar to the font you used for Ben and Marci fabulous invitation, though yours has more 'swing' in it. Is this the same font that you customized, or is it another font? Could you tell me what font you used for Ben and Marci?

Thank you so much in advance!

Kind regards,

Quirine Meij

Ps did you know that my email send to your hotmailaccount erinjang3@hotmail.com was returned instantly?

Quirine Meij
+31 624 20 20 98

theindigobunting said...

Hi Quirine, thanks for comments. I used Memoriam (which looks similar to Buttermilk but definitely has more flourishes). And yes my hotmail account is no longer in use and hasn't been for a while now. I solely use my gmail account: theindigobunting AT gmail DOT com. You can reach me at that email address! :)