Design for the Esquire Breakfast package.
Part 1: Breakfast at home
I read this essay and wanted to go home and make scrambled eggs for my husband.

Part 2: Breakfast out
Read the entire list here.

(My husband wrote the blurb on King 5 Noodle House! See below.)


brandi said...

one of my coworkers was talking about this issue! i guess my favorite b-fast spot made it on the list.

i HEART the breakfast king in denver, co.

GREAT spreads. love the look and feel - especially the syrup letters!

Joanna Goddard said...


Teresa said...

wow... i'm hungry.

Iva said...

amazing! so stunning!

One.Twenty.Fifty.Two said...

these look so good.
but egg fried rice, isn't that a little too much for breakfast

Elie's Papel said...

sooooo gooooooodddd!!!! everything looks really tasty!!!!!

kallay said...

mmmm eggs bennie is one of my fave breakfasts. my mouth is watering. thanks for sharing!

also, thanks for stopping by my blog! i love SITS!

kallay said...

pardon my brain... wrong person, but i love your blog nonetheless! that breakfast looks delightful.