Jesse and Stephen invitations

Here are wedding invitations I made for a couple in North Carolina. They are having a party on the rooftop of the historical Kress building in Greensboro, under the stars, with a red wedding dress, paella and sangria, and a live Brazilian band involved. It sounds like a wedding I'd love to go to.

front and back of reply card

directions card and reply card

Lines they came up with for the back side of the card:
"dessert-loving couple unites,
declaring rooftop truce in
great cake v. pie debate"

My vote is with pie.

I made some small pins for them too. They were a lovely couple to work with.

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Casey said...

oh, these are so great!! I got your blog from my friend, who got it from her sister, Hannah...who I actually went to school with for architecture! she was a couple years ahead of me though. I really like your stuff, I will be back!