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Today, I was featured on Daily Candy's wedding guide, and have been receiving many kind emails and requests for information on the custom poster and invitation design I do.

My website (www.erinjang.com) is not updated with recent work, so this is a place where you’ll find information on recent projects and contact information.

About me:
I am a graphic designer and illustrator originally from Seattle, now living in Manhattan. I design and illustrate unique, custom invitations and posters. The posters get professionally printed at a Seattle silk-screening shop that specializes in rock posters. I love to provide quality work – so I only work on a small number of projects at a time to devote enough attention to each job.

Illustration style:

I like to create a custom design that is specific and unique to your story.

To see the range of my illustration style, you can look at some of the work I’ve done on this blog (scroll to early posts).

Pricing and process:
Because it is custom work, the cost depends on the detail and complexity of the illustration and the work involved in the design you request. The process begins with an initial conversation about what you like and need, and an estimate I give you. Then, we have up to three rounds of sketches before proceeding to the final poster design.

Poster details:
The posters are printed 18x24" (a standard size that frames well) or 12x18" which is a nice, smaller alternative. There is a minimum order of 50 posters at the 18x24" size, and a minimum order of 100 posters at the 12x18" size. Please contact me with questions about single custom posters and alternate sizes.

You can reach me at theindigobunting@gmail.com -- thank you!

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